October 14, 2010

Ellis Faas (2)

I’ve already talked about Ellis Faas so…I’ll go to the interesting thing (or I think so): the products.
This time I’ve tried their eyeshadows and their mascara. As the lipsticks, the eyeshadows come in the same format: liquid. That’s the key of Ellis Faas’ products: they come in their characteristic package and they’re liquid.
At first I thought that it would be difficult to apply these eyeshadows. I hadn’t tried any liquid eyeshadow before. But I’ve found that they’re pretty easy to use and blur.
Here are some swatches of the products:
Ya os he hablado en otra ocasión de Ellis Faas…así que voy a pasar a lo interesante (o eso creo): los productos.
Esta vez he probado las sombras de ojos y la máscara de pestañas. Como los labiales, las sombras vienen en el mismo formato: líquido. Esa es la clave de los productos de Ellis Faas: vienen en su característico packaging y son líquidos.
Al principio pensaba que iba a ser algo difícil aplicar este tipo de sombras. No había probado ninguna sombra líquida antes. Pero me han parecido bastante fáciles de aplicar y de difuminar.
Aquí os dejo unos swatches de los productos:

Creamy Eyes E105

Milky Eyes E203

Light E305



What I do to apply them it’s not apply them directly with the applicator they come. I just put a bit of product on my lid and then I blend with another brush. If you want to intensify the colour, the only thing you have to do is to add more product and keep blending.
Lo que hago para aplicarlas no es aplicarlas directamente del aplicador que ellas traen (valga la redundancia con tanto aplicar jaja). Simplemente pongo un poco de producto en el párpado y lo voy difuminando con otro pincel. Si quieres intensificar el color, lo único que tienes que hacer es ir aplicando más producto y seguir difuminando.

And…here’s the OOTD, FOTD and EOTD using Ellis Faas’ eyeshadows and mascara:
Y…aquí os dejo el OOTD, FOTD y EOTD usando las sombras y la máscara de Ellis Faas.

Visit Ellis Faas website HERE.
Visitad la web de Ellis Faas AQUÍ.



Mariant said...

Que bonitas las sombras!
Besitos guapa!

Panda! said...

Oh, wow, it looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors!

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Very pretty :) I'm not very good at controlling those gel type shadows, always seem to over do them...

Booni said...

son preciosas! lástima que sean tan caras!

Kelly said...

Beautiful colors!

Marie said...

Looks great and good color payoff!:D

You look very pretty.:D

***** Marie *****

Taj Acosta said...

You look so pretty in the pictures! Love the eye makeup! Great blog doll ;) hugs

Taj Acosta said...

You look so pretty in the pictures! Love the eye makeup! Great blog doll ;) hugs

Emma Jade said...

I've heard a lot about these, great review! It lokos amazing on your beautiful eyes!

Ahleessa said...

The eye makeup is gorgeous! I love the glitter liner with the blue. :)

Wow the Sephora stores in Spain is awful! I thought US was stingy when it came to giving samples, I can't imagine Spain with nothing. :/

Amee said...

all the shades are very pretty.. and seems they are very pigmented.. nice post... thanks Becky :)

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Anonymous said...

Your make-up looks lovely!


Becky said...

@Mariant, gracias!

@Panda, thank you!

@Katie, thank you!

@Shanghainese Dumpling, I'm not really good at that neither...but these eyeshadows are pretty easy to use

@Booni, la verdad es que sí...no te voy a mentir jaja

@Kelly, thank you!

@Marie, thank you!

@Taj Acosta, thank you!

@Emma Jade, thank you!

@Ahleessa, thank you! In general, Spanish stores are awful! If the shop assistants are in a bad mood...you'll prefer go out really quickly, lol

@Amee, thank you!

@Amy, thank you!

priincess emily said...

Thank you for your comment! you are so stunning...so i don't even know what you are talking about! :) it's okay, if my boyfriend isn't there to take my photos for me, i just use a tripod with a self timer! haha! it's my bestfriendd :) LOL!

Becky said...

@priincess emily, don't care about what I said, lol. I'm a bit crazy today. I don't have a tripod so...

Salisha said...

Que guapa y que ojazos!! :)
Ya arreglé lo del nombre en facebook, gracias!
Un beso.

Becky said...

@Salisha, muchas gracias! Y perdona por haber tardado tanto en responderte! (^_^)

Blackswan said...

loving the denim-on-denim look and the eye makeup is fantastic! i hardly wear any most of the time

thank you for your sweet comment! do follow if you like!

come stop by again,


x Your Only Blackswan

Becky said...

@Blackswan, thank you!