July 21, 2010


And here are my eyes of the day:

What did I use?

Essence Eclipse Collection Duo eyeshadow 03 Edward or Jacob?
MUFE Aqua eyes Eyeliner Pencil 0L
HR Lash Queen Feline Blacks Mascara

Do you think it is bored to post a lot of EOTD pics? I like to see EOTD pictures, but I don't know if everybody thinks like me.
Pensais que es aburrido subir tantas fotos del maquillaje de ojos? Es que a mí me gusta ver este tipo de imágenes, pero no sé si todo el mundo piensa igual que yo...


Brooke said...

This is gorgeous!! I love the Eclipse products :D Huge Twilight fan here!!

Becky said...

I love Twilight saga too!
I've bought everything I could from this limited edition from Essence (it's a pity I can't bought any of the nail polishes...)


Samantha said...

A mi si me gusta ver muchas fotos.

Becky said...

Gracias, Samantha.
Es que a mí también me gusta ver las fotos de los distintos maquillajes que os hacéis, pero no sabía si a los demás os parecía aburrido.


Nea said...

Pretty! I like EOTDs, surprise. LOL

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland

Becky said...

Thank you for your comment, Nea (^_^)



Kittyluvscolor said...

I Luv EOTD post. And I like the color of your eyes, they look alot like mine. :)

angie said...

a mí me encanta ver vídeos y fotos de maquillaje!!!
te quedó muy bien :)